Amazon Web Services

We employ web services which connect people in an easy and magical way.

AWS helps organisations with a variety of tasks, including game development, warehousing, and data processing, among others. We provide tools in AWS that allow you to choose servers depending on your preferences.


Unlock the power of Amazon Web Services

Account Setup

A client account is created on the cloud service provider, and a payment method is added.

Server Machine and Dependency Setup

Experts configure the server machine. All of the project's dependencies are installed.

DB Setup and Backup Policy

The project's database is configured. The backup for the project is created according to the backup policy.


Auto-scaling is enabled to allow for dynamic changes of the server farm's computing capacity.

Setup of CI/CD Pipeline

A CI/CD pipeline is set up to deliver multiple versions of the project.

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS gives you the flexibility to choose your operating system, web app platform, programming language, database, and several other services. Aws offers you a simulated space in which you can install the applications and services that your application needs.


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