How Mobile Applications Help in Consumer Marketing

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Mr. Mrityunjay Ojha 26.03.2022

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.” - Steve Jobs


On an average, people spend more than 5 hours every day on their smartphones. Over 2.14 billion people bought products and services online on their smartphones in 2021.

As a result, among the first ways prospective buyers contact new businesses is through mobile devices. It is critical for businesses to respond to consumer demands by developing mobile-friendly applications.


Consumer marketing is the form of marketing where the products and services are sold to an individual buyer. The marketing strategies are directed at individuals and the basic objective is to make the consumer feel valued and important. Hence it’s often referred to as consumer-oriented marketing.


Consumer marketing has evolved and come a long way from its inception. From print media being the major source of consumer marketing, it has now become just a fingertip away from a consumer. Mobile Applications are widely used by brands in order to provide a personalised shopping experience to the user meanwhile ensuring a stronger and deeper bond with the customer.


With every search and navigation, the brands are trying to understand every customer better. From understanding the overall shopping behaviour to identifying the individual needs of the users, brands are working very hard to create a long and lasting relationship with their customers.


How mobile applications work in Consumer Marketing


  1. Word of Mouth Marketing - Oh yes, only this time you only have to create a seamless app experience and they not only will say that the brand is good but they will also say it cares. Word of Mouth Marketing strategy is one of the most popular methods of consumer marketing. Everyday, thousands of customers read reviews on App stores before downloading the app and they will do the same when they will give your brand a chance.


  1. Personalised Experience - The power of Artificial Intelligence backed by the arsenal of data that is collected by the apps can help you understand the overall needs of the consumer, thus giving them the products they require the most and not the other way around. In the words of Seth Godin, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”


  1. 24*7 Availability - A brand never sleeps. Be always available on the fingertips of customers by having a mobile app. The customer can interact with your brand anytime anywhere thus giving consumer marketing a whole new shape where the customer need not come to the brand or a brand need not come to the customer. They simply walk side by side holding hands and interacting at any which way they like at any given time at any given place.


  1. Push Notifications - So you've chosen to make a special offer to a certain consumer who you know is about to make a purchase. How would you inform your consumers about this fantastic offer? Yes, notifications. No need to wait for the morning when the flyer will reach the customer or call him. Push notifications are a powerful way to keep your customers informed about all the latest offers and discounts all the time thus giving them a feeling of being connected to the brand.


  1. The power of AR - With the further merging of the real and virtual world, mobile applications can give you a real time experience before making any purchase. The examples of brands like Ikea or Lenskart who got successful in making the customer cross that bridge with the help of AR shows the potential mobile application in consumer marketing.


Benefits of Mobile Apps:

  • Develop consumer loyalty: Apps are more engaging and accessible than regular websites. You may develop an instant and direct interaction with your consumers and acquire their loyalty by using a mobile app.


  • Improve accessibility: Users can simply access mobile apps. Customers that are pleased with your software will recommend it to others. This will provide you with enough mileage to stay one proactive than your opponents.


  • Make the brand more personalised: Apps enable you to answer client inquiries, inform them of discounts or special offers, and provide a platform for them to directly communicate with the firm and recommend solutions in the manner they prefer.


  • Create a prospect database for clients: When customers download your app to ask a query or make a purchase, you can collect their information via the app. This information may be quite valuable in determining the tastes and preferences of the target population, and designing goods accordingly.


Wrapping up

Mobile applications provide a number of benefits for businesses looking to attract new clients. Companies can develop brand recognition and expand their customer base by offering excellent user experiences.
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