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Mr. Mrityunjay Ojha 02.08.2022

Instagram and Facebook are the top two most popular social networking sites in the world. They allow us to connect with our friends and family, post images and videos, and promote our businesses. Even if Facebook still holds the top spot for the most widely used social media advertising platform, Instagram is quickly establishing itself as an effective, lead-converting alternative.


Any outbound marketing or development plan must include social media advertising, and producing advertisements is a fantastic method for marketers to do this. But you should be aware that there are different types of Facebook and Instagram advertising accessible; there isn't just one type. Let's understand them further in detail. 


Facebook ads

Facebook ads are the advertisements that show up on your Facebook profile. Based on the users' location, demographics, and profile data, they are specifically targeted to them.


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Let's examine the different types and objectives of ads on Facebook and what you need to know about each one.


  • Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness ads are used by advertisers to display ads to viewers who can remember and recall their brands efficiently. It provides the anticipated ad recall lift (users) measure, which indicates the approximate number of individuals who would recall a certain advertisement if questioned within two days. For the most precise assessment of ad recall, a brand-lift research is necessary.

The anticipated ad recall lift (users) measure, however, might be a practical substitute if the campaign doesn't fulfil the requirements to carry out a comprehensive analysis.


  • Traffic

The goal of the traffic advertisement is to direct users to an application or website. You may design advertisements with Traffic as the goal that:


-A website, application, phone call, or Messenger discussion are some examples of destinations you may send folks to (website clicks)

-Boost the amount of people using your desktop or mobile application (app engagement)


  • Lead Generation Ads

The process of increasing interest in a company's goods or services is known as lead generation. You may set up campaigns on Facebook with a Lead Generation Ads that invites users to enter their contact information into a "Instant Form" form. Using the Facebook pixel, you may also monitor activities related to lead conversion on your own website.


  • Conversion

A Facebook conversion ad is an advertisement with the website conversion target. Facebook website conversion advertisements entice potential consumers to visit your post-click page and take action, whether your objective is page views, video views, sales, or any other action to support the expansion of your online business.


  • Catalogue

A catalogue is a document that contains details on the goods you intend to promote or sell on Facebook and Instagram. You may make catalogues for many sorts of merchandise, including goods, lodgings, travel itineraries, vacation spots, real estate listings, and cars. Commerce Manager is the platform used for catalogue creation and management.


  • Message Ads

The goal of Messages directs interactions to your company. Ads that allow you to chat might help you start a discussion on messaging services. These advertisements will be shown to users who are more inclined to engage in discussion with your company on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger. This encourages customers to take action from consideration.


Final Thoughts

Start by analyzing your marketing strategy before you start producing advertisements for your company. After determining your company's objectives, ask yourself what those are, and only then can you launch an advertising campaign.


Final thoughts on Facebook Ads by Apponward


The secret to optimizing your Facebook marketing campaigns is constant development. You're likely to begin seeing better outcomes and greater engagement as you continue to improve and tweak.

If you're a newcomer to social media advertising, we can help you compete effectively. By steering you in the right direction, the Apponward team can help you with your social media advertising strategy. Connect with us Best Social Media Marketing Agency.

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