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Mobile Website or Mobile App – Which one is better

Fun Fact – 91% of mobile users keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves at all times. In the mobile-only internet world, companies are eventually embracing the mobile strategy and also revisiting it to answer a major question – Whether a mobile app or a mobile website is the right way to go?

The debate over which is better is now turning into a serious discussion. Where on one hand people are in favor of websites that only needs to look good on the mobile device, others believe that a website cannot provide the benefits that a mobile app can provide. However, it does not seem as simple as it sounds. Both the mediums have its pro and cons which we have listed down for you so that you can decide on your own.

Mobile App Pros

A native mobile app is always developed keeping in mind a particular platform, for example, iOS or Android. The code of the native mobile app is written in the language of the operating system of the device. Such apps are completely separate from company websites are most often an extension.

  • Branding Opportunities – As a mobile app is an independent entity, it opens up completely new doors of branding opportunities for the company.
  • Personalization Mobile Apps, powered by Artificial Intelligence can give the users the much-needed user experience.
  • Leverage Device Capabilities – A native app can make use of the device’s features enhancing customer experience and thereby increasing chances of conversion.
  • Brand Presence – The next major advantage is that small icon that is resting on your customer’s mobile all the time. It is like a constant reminder of your presence.

Mobile Website Pros

A mobile website is a website with a responsive design. It works for different screen sizes. In other words, it’s a customized version of a regular website that is being used specifically for a particular screen size.

  • Broader Audience Reach – A responsive website would be visible across all platforms and hence will ensure a broader reach.
  • Cost-Effective – This is definitely cheaper than the mobile app.
  • SEO & Brand Visibility – Mobile optimized websites always are more likely to rank better in SEO search engine thereby ensuring greater brand visibility.

So, Which Is The Better Option?

So if you are still confused, whether to go for a mobile app or mobile website, I would ask you to visit your business objective as that is where the answer to this question lies. If your prime objective is to offer mobile-friendly content to your users, then a mobile website is a good option. But, if you want to interact and communicate with your customer with conversion in mind, then the mobile app is an excellent choice.

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