iOS v/s Android – How each platform impacts your Mobile Development

The world is moving very fast. With everything available at an arm’s length, right there in your Mobile phone, anyone who is thinking about a business must be thinking about a Mobile App Development. A successful mobile app focuses on building a useful solution for a valuable set of people and to do this, you need to understand your user base at the granular level. One of the best way to do this is studying the user’s choice in a smartphone as studies have shown that the kind of device a person has says a lot about his personality, behavior and habits.

Current Market

Google Play had more than 3.5 M apps by the end of 2017 whereas iOS App Store had more than 2 M apps. In terms of downloads as well, Google Play downloads exceeded 19.2 billion in 2018 whereas iOS downloads exceeded 8.2 billion. With all the trends in the upward side for both, however, studies have shown that the iOS app users are more willing to make in-app purchases with iOS Apps making 75% more money than their Android counterparts.

So while choosing a development platform, it is important how each market operates. If your primary goal is user acquisition, then Android is the obvious choice but if generating revenue is the main focus, then you might want to go with iOS platform.


Another important aspect to keep in mind is that each user sees their Mobile phone in a very personal way. For example, Apple users are firm supporters for the consistent experience that they receive as well as the simplicity of updates that come their way. Android users, on the other hand, vouch for freedom and customizability their device allows.


The choice of your phone says a lot about your personality. For example, the Apple phone owners are usually extroverts who are ready to spend money whereas Android users show humility and honesty. They are more comfortable as followers. This might not be the deciding factor but having this little insight can help you in choosing the platform on which you want your App to be built.

For anyone looking for Mobile App Development, the ideal thing to do is to get your app made for both platforms, but if at all you need to consider the very basis of your app – the user.

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